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I have always been passionate about photography. Capturing life and all its special little moments as well as those big, once in a lifetime events. Every bride and groom should have images they can look back on years later and remember not only what they experienced but what they couldn't see. The tears welling in a father's eyes, the adorable look of nervousness on a young flower girl's face, or the emotions of the maid of honor so happy for her lifetime best friend. It is this imagery that will always keep me passionate about what I do, freezing spectacular moments in time that can be shared and revisited through the years to come.

I firmly believe that no two weddings are the same and for that reason I like to know my clients, their tastes, their needs and their personalities. My goal is to make every client's photographic experience effortless and personal. I am one of very few photographers that boldly announce that if my clients are not absolutley thrilled with my images I will give them their money back. I often get disdainful looks from fellow photographers who ask me why I would offer such a money back guarantee. My answer to them is simple, because it's the right way to do business...and nobody has ever asked for their money back.

Jonathan Montis